TV program “Name that tune”

TV program “Name that tune” is the best entertainment TV show in Poland.
Lots of different kinds of music, the same music hits, perfect musicians and dancers …
YAKA BAND originates exactly from the “Name that tune”.

The band is formed in the majority of the singers and musicians from the show.
The basic composition of the band are:

Agata Dąrowska – vocals
Zbyszek Fil – vocals
Michał Polubiec – guitar
Adam Kram – drums
Wojtek Miecznikowski – bass
Michał Szlempo – keyboards

High skills, great sound and enormous energy
on stage distinguishes Yaka Band from other bands.

The decoration of the projects with the participation
of YAKA BAND may be EGO dance group, well
known from the show.

Dancers from the EGO group amaze with choreography
and dance perfection.Alexandra Turska and Slawomir Turski
- Family championship, raging on the dance floor of “Name That Tune”,
can also feature concerts of YAKA BAND. Thus, most of YAKA BAND
artists You can see and hear every day watching this game show
in the Program 1 of Polish Television.

You can call for cooperation with the other singers, musicians and dancers from the show..

Aneta Figiel – vocals
Magdalena Tul – vocals
Lena Zuchniak – vocals, saxophone
Zbigniew Kaute – guitar

YAKA BAND splendors:
- Balls and Banquets
- TV and outdoor events
- Exclusive weddings

Repertoire of YAKA BAND Group:
Yaka Band reaches a sound of a variety of musical styles,
from pop, rock and roll, and traditional evergreens
Listen how we play

YAKA BAND always plays 100 % live music

YAKA BAND, great time and unforgettable show guaranteed.

Known throughout the country Yaka Band performs songs from the rich repertoire. Popularity commits, that is why in its repertoire there are well-known and popular songs of Polish and foreign artists. The group has its own sound and lighting as well as transport.

In addition:

Besides the co-creation of “Name That Tune”, individual members of YAKA BAND are working with many prominent figures of the Polish music scene, such as Robert Janowski contributing to his band, as well as Bajm, NeoRetros, Chemia

And also with: Wojciech Pilichowski, Marek Kościkiewicz, Zygmunt Kukla, Janusz Józefowicz, Janusz Stokłosa, Sławomir Łosowski.

They took part in concerts and recordings including Krzysztof Krawczyk, Stan Borys, Grzegorz Turnau, Ewa Bem, Zbigniew Wodecki, Andrew “Piasek” Piaseczny, KASA, Edyta Górniak, Ryszard Rynkowski, Mezzo, Doniu, choir TGD …


Technical Requirements

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